Satan’s Pilgrims – Siniestro LP/CD (SP Records) * * * * *


It’s the amazing, mind-blowing, BRAND NEW release from Satan’s Pilgrims, available on CD and 150gm vinyl! Yes, one of the best, and longest running surf bands on the planet is back with their 9th album – 15 songs, packaged with artwork by Jason Straughan (aka The Boozy Doodler). While their Psychsploitation album was awesome, it did go in some new directions for the band. I loved it, but I could see how some may have complained that it wasn’t the same old Satan’s Pilgrims they knew and loved. This disc is perhaps for those longtime fans – it truly sounds like the last 20 years never happened, that mid-90’s energy and sound is intact through each and every song. That’s not to say that this is a mere copy of what they did on their first few records – the songs here are powerful, and perhaps more complex, but yet retaining that classic Satan’s Pilgrims sound. They recorded, produced and engineered the recordings themselves, in the abandoned Mt. Hood Masonic Lodge in hometown of Portland, Oregon. Not many surf bands have three guitars – The Astronauts did it so well back in the 60’s, and in recent years The Mystery Men and The Thunderchiefs have created some great tunes with the three guitar attack. Still, for my money, and over NINE albums, Satan’s Pilgrims are the best 3-guitar surf band ever – just so many great songs, nearly all written by the band, and with such great interplay between the three of them (not to mention between the guitars and the rhythm section). If you are a fan of surf music you will want this disc – truly one of the best surf/instro releases of the last few years.  


Reviewed From The Interurban Trail – Bellingham, WA